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Stemar Equipment & Supply Co., Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Since 1922 Stemar, Inc. has helped meet the needs of pipeline and utility contractors throughout Southern California and beyond. Stemar, Inc. offers a complete product line in pipe plugs, sewer pipe plugs, pipeline acceptance / testing equipment, pipe leak locating equipment, confined space safety equipment, trench shoring, compaction equipment and pumps, and a complete line of contractor hardware and supplies.




Stemar, Inc. has the largest inventory of "low pressure" pipe plugs and "high pressure" pipe plugs, for rent or purchase, anywhere in the USA. From less than 1" to more than 10 feet, Stemar, Inc. has the solutions wanted for pipeline stoppage, pipe flow diversion, pipeline acceptance testing, and pipeline leak locating. Stemar, Inc. also offers a complete pipeline "air test package" or "water test package" that's easy to use and Contractor Ready. Stemar, Inc. has the underground solutions necessary to solve difficult applications in tough locations. Stemar, Inc. will ship the same day or deliver anywhere including the U. S. and Canada.

Largest inventory of pipe plugs and accessories for rent

Waste water by-pass / full flow thru sewer plug
Stemar, Inc. pneumatic systems will divert flow during repair If you do sewer pipeline work and haven't tried Stemar, Inc. exclusive Waste-water By-pass / Full Flow-Thru Sewer plug systems, you don't know what you've been missing. Stemar, Inc. pneumatic systems, will divert flow during repair or rehabilitation work while keeping your sewer line in service and your work area dry, without the need for continuous pumping. Custom sizes and configurations are available for every application.

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